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We are a digital surface design company at the intersection of art & science that uses microscopic images to create textile patterns and apply them to sustainable apparel made in the USA. 

CD Submit Scientist Spotlight: Marissa Masek

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CD Submit Scientist Spotlight: Marissa Masek

Ariele Faber

The Image: "Polarized Benzil Crystal Melt"

I took this image as part of a polarized light assignment at RIT. Benzil is normally found as a yellow crystal that is used in various chemistry experiments, most frequently in polymer chemistry as a photoinitiator. A photoinitator breaks down into free radicals when exposed to light.

In order to make the crystal melt, I placed a small amount of it on a slide and melted it on a hot plate. After the sample cooled, I placed it on a polarized light microscope to look at the birefringence, or double refracted light. 




The Scientist

 Image credit: Seth Abel. 

Image credit: Seth Abel. 

I graduated summa cum laude from Rochester Institute of Technology with degrees in Biology and Biomedical Photographic Communications. While there, I was able to learn different lab techniques conducting experiments as well as discover beauty in the microscopic world. During summers I interned at Northeastern University Optical Science Lab and at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. I did biomedical research with sophisticated microscopy at both places. 


Are you currently working in a lab setting or pursuing work in art + science? 

I am working at TissueVision, which is a microscopy company based near Boston, MA. We have a microscope system that can automatically image whole organs or tissue samples. My main purpose at TissueVision is to come up with new bioassays, with a focus on whole mouse brain imaging. In addition to this, I will help install microscopes for customers. 


Did you ever have an “aha!” moment when you knew you wanted to pursue a career in science? Did you intend for this path to include art + design? 

I have always been interested in both science and art. I love learning how the world works. I think that both artists and scientists are innovative and creative people who like pushing boundaries. I hope that my images of science help inspire people to take a closer look at the thriving tiny world around them. 


To see more examples of Marissa's photography work, visit her website