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47 Maple St Suite 204
Burlington, VT, 05401
United States

We are a digital surface design company at the intersection of art & science that uses microscopic images to create textile patterns and apply them to sustainable apparel made in the USA. 

Intern Spotlight: Kathleen Gudas

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Intern Spotlight: Kathleen Gudas

Ariele Faber

Kathleen Gudas is a rising junior Feb at Middlebury College, pursuing a joint English-Theatre major. When she is not hunkered down in the library, Kathleen loves to cook (especially Indian food!), read, travel, and spend time at local coffee shops. She is originally from Binghamton, New York.

This summer, Kathleen will be working as Cerebella's Sales & Marketing Communications Intern. 


My name is Kathleen Gudas and I am a rising junior Feb at Middlebury College. I am pursuing a joint English-Theatre major, and have participated in a few on-campus productions. From an early obsession with the elaborate costumes of Broadway musicals to my love for the garments created on Project Runway, I have always been interested in fashion. I love how the intersection of art and fashion can ultimately lead to innovative designs and textiles, and in other words, tangible prints that can be worn on a daily basis.

This concept of “wearing art” initially drew me to Cerebella Design. As a person with an embarrassingly dismal background in science, I was unaccustomed to approaching fashion from a scientific perspective, but fascinated by the textile creation process. It was hard to fathom that Cerebella’s beautiful prints were microscopic representations of various organisms! Rather than viewing fashion as a product of the shifting style trends of the seasons, it was interesting to think that a garment could serve as an aesthetically appealing symbol for the unwavering component of all life, the cell. 

After hearing more about microscopic fashion from chatting with Ariele, I came to the conclusion that I would learn so much if I interned for Cerebella Design. I was attracted to the fact that I would be both working for a company that explored intersection of art, science, and fashion and intimately observing the growth of this start-up company. I am looking forward to learning more about the business and marketing side of fashion, and I hope to find strategic ways to increase Cerebella’s visibility across the country. Keeping this central goal in mind, I will be working on blog content development, social media marketing, local outreach, and networking with boutiques and other potential retail locations this summer. 

 Kathleen Gudas '16.5

Kathleen Gudas '16.5