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47 Maple St Suite 204
Burlington, VT, 05401
United States

We are a digital surface design company at the intersection of art & science that uses microscopic images to create textile patterns and apply them to sustainable apparel made in the USA. 


Cerebella Submit is a unique web-based science image submission platform. 



 Q: How does Cerebella Submit work? 

A: Scientists upload 1-3 images via the Cerebella website and fill in a short form that asks for Submitter’s name, Submitter’s academic or corporate affiliation (if any), image title, image description, and what inspired the submitter to participate. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Cerebella selects 3-5 scientists and their images during two main review periods throughout the year (excluding special submission events) based upon aesthetics, technique, and image content/story. Cerebella alerts scientistsby email when their image has been selected for use as a textile pattern. Cerebella uses the selected image to create the new textile pattern that is particularly formatted for textile printing and applies the textile pattern to a line of Cerebella Design products. Scientists work with Cerebella to spread word about the Cerebella products featuring the textile pattern. Once launched, the new Cerebella products become available for purchase via the online store and other retail channels for a period of at least 3 months.  


Q: What types of images should I submit? 

A: Submitters are encouraged to upload photomicrographs they have captured which illustrate a particular research interest or curiosity. We also encourage scientists who utilize other imaging techniques to participate, so long as they can provide background to the technique used. New collections are thematic (ie. neuroscientists featured in "Celebrating Brains A/W 2015/6"). Please refer to this page in January 2016 for the next Cerebella Submit theme that will be featured in our next collection.


Q: I consider myself a(n) imaging hobbyist, scientific artist, educator, etc. Can I submit? 

A: Cerebella Submit was launched to provide a creative opportunity to scientists who want to participate in Cerebella's design process and make science more accessible to the masses through art. That said, we believe in sharing the wealth of knowledge, passion, curiosity, beauty, and talent of inquisitive minds both inside and outside of the lab. Since our official launch on September 30, 2014, we've received images from undergraduates to post-docs, clinicians to computer programmers, science-inspired fiber artists to painters. We encourage individuals who are interested in the intersection of science & art to submit, and we will do our best to provide opportunities to showcase the work of non-traditional scientists in the future. 


Q: I am a member of a(n) company/organization that would love to host an internal Cerebella Submit design contest for company/organization affiliates, resulting in custom products for our members. Is this possible?

A: Yes! Please send inquiries to our "Contact" section and you will receive an email response within 48 hours.